Check if my blog “ManuMaid: The Cancer Club” addresses you.

Alright. Let’s see. This blog is not for everybody. To help you find out if it could be your cup of tea, I’ll give you an idea of what is and what isn’t my cup of tea.

If you expect religious support in questions of cancer, my blog is ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY not the blog you are looking for. Exit the page.

And if you search spiritual comfort in questions of cancer, my blog is EXACTLY the blog you DON’T want to read. Leave this page.

If you hope that I wasn’t serious in the first paragraph and that after all I will consider other people’s religious and/or spiritual feelings, you should probably start a blog titled I AM NOT RELIGIOUS OR SPIRITUAL BUT WANT TO BE NICE TO EVERYBODY WHO IS. Exit this blog.

If you are not at all interested in religion, spirituality and the like and don’t spend your life considering other people’s religious and/or spiritual feelings, then again, this blog could be just right for you. Go on.

If, on the other hand, you’re a science nerd, or could imagine to turn into one, this IS the blog for you to read.

And if, on top of this, you are looking for a bit of fun in questions of cancer, my blog could be JUST ABOUT your cup of tea. Read on.

If you are looking for someone or something cynical though, that makes fun of the situation of people who have or had cancer, and of their friends and family, you are a sick freak and should piss off immediately.

If you expect some strong language where it is proper such as in the example above, you can be fucking damn sure to find some. Note well: I will always name an arsehole an arsehole. Read more.

If you are expecting me to understand the situation of someone who has or had cancer, again you are DOUBTLESSLY right. I had cancer, not two years ago, and have run the complete programme from surgery, through chemo and radiation therapy to hormone therapy and several follow-up operations. Read on.

If you expect me to have lost my humour on the way, and to have turned into a pessimistic and humourless person, because you think anything else would be inept, quit this page quickly. Fuck me, my life is good!

If you want me to act as an expert instead of turning to your doctor for medical advice, you are most DEFINITELY addressing the wrong person. Good-bye. Hasta la vista, baby.

If you hope though that I am interested in science and can point out good articles, make fun of homeopathy, laugh out loud at religious zealots, chuckle about the chosen people who have at their disposal the secrets of the long lost knowledge of our ancestors, and the like, you sound like a candidate for my blog.

All is not lost if you want to enjoy my silly blog entries, read my lists of ten of things, download my chemo invitation cards, scroll through my suggestions for cancer and chemo dolls, sing my ridiculous anti-cancer songs, recite trilingual poems of long hospital days, enjoy my ideas for games during chemo, design and upload pictures of elves and fairies of healing, and so on and so forth. THEN feel free to join The Cancer Club.

And last but not least, if you expect me to take any of your questions or comments that have to do with cancer seriously, be my guest. Log on to my blog.

But please, please, don’t project your anger or your fears on me. Your or your family member’s or friend’s cancer is not my fault.

Chemofully yours,

Maid Manu.


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