Friendship. Full stop.

To my friend Sunshine. I love you for:

Turning the shaving of my head into a styling event. Hanging out with me during chemo. Cooking the most fascinating vegetarian stews. Spending long hospital days with me. Respecting my limits. Shifting furniture with me. Being courageous. Pissing your pants with me when we’re drilling holes next to a socket. Switching on the light in the darkest of hours. Making up silly words. Not hating me for my illness. Thinking before taking action. Apologising for not having your head shaved with me. Telling me about your problems. Allowing me to cry. Pouring out your heart. Offering your support. Sharing thoughts with me. Acknowledging my competences. Enjoying everything with me that we’ve always enjoyed. Understanding my feelings. Overwhelming me with optimism. Asking the right questions. Being compassionate. Accepting my choice to be quite happy. Taking hilarious pictures of suffering. Massaging my aching limbs. Being yourself. Looking at my scars. Telling me how proud of me you are. Lying in hospital beds with me. Running through forests with me. Scaring away incompetent assistant doctors. Making things easier for my husband and sons. Accompanying me to check-ups. Giggling with me. Giving me your warmest shoes for the winter. Being there. Making me feel beautiful. Not losing yourself. Finding Eros Ramazotti video clips for me. Celebrating with me after check-ups.

Yours, friendlily,

Maid Manu.



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