Invitation cards for chemo sessions

Before you begin, please read About to ensure you don´t waste your precious time!

Suggestion #1

 Dear ___________________,

Today you are my favourite chemo visitor. Please bring a cappuccino, a magazine and a game of strip poker. Don’t forget to be in time at _________, on ______________________.

Yours, chemofully,



Suggestion #2

Dearest ________________,

I have always wanted to tell you how little I like you. Can you please join me for my next chemo session, so that I can tell you?! Please don’t bring anything! Your company will be enough to spoil an otherwise excellent day.

Please be there on ____________________, at ___________.

Definitely NOT yours,


Suggestion #3

Dear mother-in-law,

This will be my second-but-last chemo. Wow, you have managed to avoid me for 10 weeks! As it seems impossible for you to act like a compassionate human being out of intrinsic motivation, I would like to force you to act like one out of extrinsic compliance. Come to my next chemo session on __________________ at __________! Your disgraceful face will carry me through my day and help me to feel far more comfortable than you.

Yours, daughter-in-law-fully,






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