Un-awed, dis-respected, under-esteemed, de-loathed or under-feared personalities of world history. And why I can understand Angelina Jolie very well.

Today I was harshly judged for putting on a “Manu-show”. Whatever that is.  In the past I have been judged for many things. Here is a list of the more curious things:

1. Fab: You are so intelligent. When I am with you I feel dumb.

2. Yep: You are such a cordial host. This cannot be true. It must be a front.

3. Or this one: You and your husband are always so happy together. Who are you putting this show on for?

What can I say?! Guilty as charged. Probably those who judge should examine their judgements and opinions.

Lovely Tim Minchin says that opinions (and may I add “judgements”) and arseholes have something in common, in that everybody has one.  And Tim has a remedy: examine your opinions (and may I add “judgements” again) even more thoroughly than your arseholes. (From his speech on the occasion of receiving his Honory Doctor of Letters):

That brings me back to my topic. I´d love to travel back in time once the problems of temporal mechanics have been resolved, and to re-name people of historic impact:

– Bernard the Impaler, who then, instead of turning into a complete arse, could become the world’s first Transsylvanian playwright.

– Lord Kevin Lloyd Webber, who would be knighted for his ground-breaking findings in the research of first names and their impact on the future lives of kids.

– Benjamin Hitler, whose littleness in every respect would be reflected in his stature AND his first name.

– Queen Candice I, who would be heiress not to powerful Britannia, but to elf and fairy country.

– Micky and Minnie Cockroach, who would meet a sticky end under one of Black Pete’s shoes.

Ah, and of course I would transport myself back to way before the 21st November 2011 to find out that I had a group of bloody cancer genes, and to have my breasts removed BEFORE the cancer would break out.

Yes, Angelina Jolie was in her right mind when she decided to have her breasts amputated INSTEAD of unwillingly (but genetically pre-destined) following in her mother’s and her mother’s sister’s steps on a path that leads to most certain untimely death. It is quite … let me think for a bit, what was the word again… ah, yes mind-fucked how people judge her for something that doesn ‘t call for judgement.

You can judge someone for the positive or negative impact they have on other people’s lives.

You CANNOT judge them for being female, old, black, gay, Jewish.

But you can judge them for being female serial killers, old Nazis, black racists, gay rapists, Jewish fundamentalists.

And please, please, don´t judge me for being intelligent, cordial, and happily married. If I was an intelligent cynic, a cordial hypocrite, a cheating wife, you might as well judge me…

I for my part don’t judge Vlad the Impaler for his awful first name. I judge
him for the horrors he commited. And on the other hand I judge Astrid Lindgren for her literary and political achievements. What she achieved for childrens’ rights was absolutely ground-breaking.

I am not sure about Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. Generally I don’t like musicals very much, but that’s not his fault. I DO like the modern arena version of JCS, though. But actually, I have no idea what kind of person he is, which is why I don’t judge him at all, really. But I bet you there are people who don’t like him because he is an eccentric.

And I definitely don’t judge Angelina Jolie for her decision NOT to most definitely get breast cancer. I think that what with the simple fact that it was mathematically very likely for her to become ill some day, she made a rational decision.

After my cancer broke out, my sister asked me to have my genes tested. And as it is, I was tested positive for chek2, a group of genes that cause either breast cancer or pankreas cancer.

My sister was tested negative for that gene combination, but if she had been tested positive she wouldn’t have hesitated but have had her breasts removed as a precaution.

And she would have done it so quickly, you couldn’t have said “genetic breast cancer”. And I guess that she would have had to face a few undisguised arseholy reactions for her decision.

I read a few comments from obvious arseholes that made me furious after Ms Jolie had made her decision public. But one of these comments made me especially irate.

A woman wrote that she condemned Angelina Jolie for her decision and couldn’t understand it at all, as the cancer might not have broken out before she turned 70, and she said  something about a decision by someone named “god”.

Wow! What an idiotic idiot. And what a ridiculous bit of faithful carbon. So, obviously at 70 it is okay to get cancer, especially if a “god” decides for you to do so.

Then I would thoroughly recommend for that woman to “contract” some cancer as a present for her own 70th birthday. She could book a trip to Japan or to Tchernobyl. The radiant atmosphere there would definitely help her achieve her goal.

Or she could pray for some cancer. I have never heard of anybody who has prayed away cancer successfully, but it might work better the other way round.

Well anyway, there are only two ways to explain these nutters’ behaviour. Either they are really heavily religious and in their tiny brains there is no space for logic and rationalism.

Or they are plain dumb.

I can literally HEAR some people cry out loud “blasphemy”!

“Would you be so kind as to stick it up your rear ends?!”, is my reserved and very classy answer.

Others, who are also anything but tolerant will say that it should be up to everybody to think what they may. Ahem, let me think. Think, think, think, think, think. Nope! I still think that these judgemental people are idiotic arseholes.

For idiotic idiots’ idiotic behaviour watch Tim Minchin’s Sacredness:


Yours, judge-mentally,

Maid Manu.

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