Tim Minchin. Or: why science rocks.

Why science rocks and informed cancer patients have it better.

I have come across an awful lot of people who give up when they HEAR the words cancer, chemo, radiation therapy. Who have horrible images in their minds that appal them completely. But who, at the same time, have no clue what cancer really is, what a chemo does, how radiation therapy works. I have talked to people who tell ME, that if THEY got cancer, they would reject treatment, go on one last trip and die in a dignified manner. WHAT??? I don´t even know what that means.

I have been molested by normal people and a doctor/charlatan, who think that mistle therapy would be a good idea for me to try out. On my objection to pseudo-treatments like “mistle therapy, submerged knitting, hand laying, etc.”, I was told shit like: “But, Manu, you cannot expect anything like clinical studies in questions of cancer treatment, because that would be unethical, wouldn’t it!?” And again, WHAT???

People constantly offer me faith and alternative medicine, thinking that on the one hand my life is completely pointless the way it is, and that on the other hand the amount of treatment that medicine offers is not enough.  Although I am still alive AND very healthy after surgery + chemo + radiation therapy + hormone therapy. After more than two years and a DOZEN trips to England, Italy, Greece and the USA (not just ONE last). So there. And I have received my treatment in a very dignified manner. But to die early because you decide against a treatment that people in other parts of the world would kill for is not dignified, it is plain stupid.

Education and knowledge are good solutions to a life in ignorance. I am a teacher, I can’t help but teach, explain, enlighten. That’s one of the reasons why I started a blog: I want to inform others, promote science, offer a good helping of optimism WITHOUT falling for promises of salvation. In my blog I attempt to explain in simple language what radiation therapy does, how chemo works and the like. I am a BIOLOGY teacher. I must mediate between the world of scientists and that of other people every day. I can speak both languages: science and every-day.

But of course my blog is also my way of dealing with my life since day X. My treatment has not been a walk in the park, or, to put it the German way: life’s not a pony farm. But I love every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day of my life. Because I still have one, thanks to science.

For your weekly sciency Minchly amusement I would suggest his best-known and award-winning beat poem Storm in which he argues with a shitty hippy who believes in alternative medicine and fires off silly platitudes like “a sniper using bollocks for amunition”.

Yours, scientifically,

Maid Manu.

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